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February 10, 2017
Our QA posted on Beasts of War
February 15, 2017

Here we go!

The time has come and Black Earth has officially launched through Indiegogo. The campaign has set a fixed goal of €20,000 despite the fact that Indie
GoGo allows campaigns to go for flexible goals where the campaign is funded despite not having reached its goal. I would like to address this decision.

Regarding IndieGoGo concerns

There are concerns throughout the crowdfunding community that IndieGoGo is unreliable because of its policies that protect the campaign owners first and the backers second. I have to say these concerns are not unwaranted. IndieGoGo is not as strict towards its campaigns as it should be and there has been a plethora of projects that have brought a bad name to IndieGoGo. Alas, because our company is based in Greece, Kickstarter was not a viable option for us. Since we are a legitimate business and want to have total transparency with our partners and clients, we have set a fixed goal. This is done partly to communicate our sincerity in this project.


We have also gone out of our way to offer a refund policy above and beyond the one offered by IndieGoGo. As long as the campaign is still running our backers may receive a refund with no questions asked. After the campaign has ended, and provided that the perks have not shipped yet, we will look into refund requests on a case by case basis.

The Future of Black Earth

We here at Nuclear Shrimp Games would also like to let you know that we are not using the crowdfunding tools to make a quick buck. Black Earth is going to be released to the public after the campaign has ended and all perks have been shipped to their backers. In fact, the sub title “Operation : Meteorite” is the title of the first chapter of Black Earth where war is waged in the irradiated and decimated old cities. There will be more chapters coming soon along with new factions, rules and miniatures.


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