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Miniatures for BoW-03

U.E.F. Armadillo I.F.V.


The kit includes:

1 Resin Multi Part Vehicle

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This kit includes enough parts to make a single UEF Armadillo IFV.



The Armadillo is by far the most succesful infantry fighting vehicle in the UEF arsenal. It combines great mobility, all around protection, modest firepower and it is easy to repair and manufacture. The features which led to the Armadillo becoming the support vehicle of choice boil down to the protection its passengers enjoy, especially from IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) which have been the prime cause of casaulties in peace missions.

Armadillo IFV in arid camo pattern. This pattern has been used in all peacekeeping missions in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Ever since its introduction in 2039 the Armadillo has seen many modifications and upgrades allowing it to keep its technological edge. For all its virtues, an incident with a poor radiation shielding on one of the Armadillo variants armed with an experimental Plasma Destroyer caused quite bit of notoriety among mechanised infantry regiments. Needless to say the variant was immediately retired and has never been re introduced ever since.


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